Real-Time Updates not working

Hi :slight_smile: I really don’t think the real-time updates are working. I usually get at least “one” update an hour based on my subscriptions.


I’m pretty sure real-time updates where temporary disabled to compensate for the huge server load due to the Google Reader discontinuation announcement:…

You should give it a day or two until everyone goes back to normal. I’m using NewsBlur since over a year and can assure you that the current performance is not normal, the site was down almost the entire last day.

So how does one update manually then? :slight_smile:

You can try to right-click on a feed, and click “insta-fetch”. But as the site is under heavy load, it might not work.

Do real-time updates (i.e. without page refresh) usually work in both Excerpts view or Titles view, or both? Just wanted to confirm.

New feed items aren’t being shown without page refresh in Titles/List view for me.

PS: This is what I mean by Titles/List view:

You should probably ask that as a separate question.

And I am using new interface (at

Gnoupi: Am I not talking about the same thing as the OP?

The topic is similar, but that’s a different question. This is a problem report. Yours is more a question about the product’s normal functionality. Sorry, reflexes from Stack Exchange about clean Q&A spaces :slight_smile:

Hah! Just trying to make it easier for Samuel, really. :slight_smile:

Problem is (although real-time updates are down) is tehre is no “Refresh” capability on “All Sites”.

I don’t want to see my 47 sites all at aonce so I rpefer to see only the “Unread” ones. But without a “Refresh” button of some ind to refresh any/all sites, this is
a little painful :confused:

Maybe I’m just too used to Google Reader :confused:

–JamesMills / prologic

Ah, you can simply click on “ALL SITE STORIES” in the sidebar to refresh the feeds. Also applies to the categories/folders. (It’s working this way for me at least on

Ahh this was not (and still not) working on -but- does work on :slight_smile:

Yeah, real-time refers to unread counts, not showing the story inline. You’ll have to re-open the feed/folder to see the new story, but at least the feed flashes orange in real-time.

Oh, ok.

Yeah I’ve noticed this, too, although it’s not *that* bad. I have 558 feeds (…) and out of those newblur shows 48 unread and reader shows 56, so it’s not that far behind. I can survive without realtime feeds until everything stabilizes.