ReadKit no longer syncing with NewsBlur

ReadKit was recommended on the blog last year as a reader for OS X. NewsBlur was working well with ReadKit until a few weeks ago. Now it won’t sync.

  • I can add new feeds or delete feeds through Readkit or and these changes in the list of feeds are synced
  • News items are brought into ReadKit for any new subscription added but only up to some date in the past - which looks to be in late December - the date indicator has also stopped working

I have the same behaviour on both my Macs. I’m assuming this is an issue for ReadKit and have raised with them. Am I correct?


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Looks like lots of other folks are using ReadKit, so I’m wondering what’s going on.

It’s most likely something to do with your feeds, since it affects both of your Macs. I would email the developer, who should be easy to get ahold of.

Works fine for me. They are working on a new Beta, 2.4, and it is even faster than before.

I suggest emailing the developer about it. He is really interested in making a great app, and wants it to work well with NewsBlur (and it does)

Samuel, ericdano thank you both for the quick responses. I too have been finding ReadKit to be a great app. I’m actually reassured that this is a problem which seems only to affect me.