Reading reply from the interaction drop down doesn't work if the feed is set to Unread Only

I replied to a comment on someone’s Blurblog that I follow. Later on I saw a notification in the Interactions dropdown that someone had replied to my reply. I clicked on it, but then it loaded a blank page, because the blurblog is set to “Unread Only / Oldest First”. I had to switch the blog to All Stories in order to find the comment, which was awkward and slow as it was still set to Oldest First.


Kind of amazing that you caught the real bug so quickly. This has come up before, but most people didn’t realize it’s because Unread Only was set.

Anyway, the fix is simple: I need to build an Interactions Feed that just has the stories from interactions with no training/filters. When? I’m not so sure, since it’s not a horrible problem. But soon, I hope.

Hey Samuel, is this still on the roadmap? Agreed that it’s not a horrible problem, but a fix would still be appreciated. Thanks!