Reading Popular blurblog story doesn't update unread count for other blurblogs (dev)

Stories read in the Popular blurblog don’t update the unread count for other blurblogs they were shared in.

In this screenshot, I read the Popular blurblog first, which contained teh “otter plays with a rock” post, then I clicked on “samuel’s blurblog” which says it has 1 unread item and it didn’t have any unread items.


As a workaround, SHIFT+A clears the unread count. (This is my fallback solution for anytime the unread count gets out of sync… which is many times per day…)

Am I the only person who hasn’t discovered what a blurblog is, or how to find one?

They are a new social feature on the dev site. You can get an invite at

It actually does change the unread count, it just doesn’t update it on the website. If you were to refresh the page, you’d see that the unread count updates correctly.

I’m working on this issue today, though. I found a clever hack that’ll get it to work properly.