Reading list and unread count different everywhere

Why is my unread count and reading list different everywhere? Can I fix this?

I use News+ with the Newsblur adapter on my android devices and the Newsblur app. Here is the unread count from different source. This is not just a number problem, the reading list are also different.

Newsblur website : 239 unread
Newsblur Android Tablet and Phone : 214 unread
News+ Android Tablet : 149 unread
News+ Android phone : 218 unread

The syncing seems reliable to get new stories, but not as reliable for read stories.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I should not use as many apps and devices with Newsblur?


Hmm, it’s probably due to having the same feed in multiple folders. Do you have that anywhere?

I checked all my feeds and no duplicates