Reading by Folder is only Available to Premium Subscribers


I have just subscribed via iOS for the Premium account. I’ve restarted the app several times, refreshed, logged out and back in etc and it’s still staying I am a standard subscriber. I have had a confirmation email from Apple to say the subscription has gone through correctly. My username is “LauraEdson”, can you look into this please? How long does this usually take to activate? Thank you.

I am still having this issue, can someone please take a look? Thanks.

Hi Laura, I’m away on vacation right now but email me your username and I’ll take care of your account as soon as I’m back on a computer.

Came here to ask the same question. You definitely deserve a vacation, perhaps you should automate subscriptions?

They certainly are automated. This seems like a special case where something broke and I have no idea why.

I had the same problem. Essentially, to fix my problem, I tried to subscribe again but when I did iTunes says “you already have a subscription”. I went back to use one of the premium features and it still said “this feature is only available to premium subscribers”. So far I’m not being very helpful but…

I tried to subscribe once more, got the same message from iTunes but this time the premium features worked.

There is a bug in the process for sure but iTunes won’t let you subscribe to an App you are already subscribed to. So no harm done if it fails.

Worth’s try if all else fails!!