Readability/Instapaper-like text-only web view in the iPhone app

I subscribe to a number of sites that put only partial content in their RSS feeds, so I have to click out to the site to see the whole thing. A few of these sites have layouts that are virtually illegible in the iPhone’s tiny screen due to small text and wide margins (case in point: With Reeder as my news reading app, there’s an on-screen option to switch to a Readbility text-only mode after loading the page. With the NewsBlur iPhone app, I have to send the page to Safari, pull up my bookmarks, then search for my bookmarklet to convert the page to text view. It would be great if I could do this directly in the NewsBlue app in only one or two taps.


I totally agree with this - and I’m hoping this feature is already planned for upcoming versions of the mobile apps.