read/unread toggle is backwards

When my feeds claim to be showing unread posts, they actually show all posts, and vice versa.  That is, the “show unread” boolean seems to be backwards somewhere…

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That’s … interesting. Don’t know of anything that would cause this, but who knows. Where exact is the read filter being set? In the style popover? Can you provide a screenshot of what this looks like? I just want to confirm what setup you’re in.

So I poked at it a bit more and here’s what’s going on:

I have a few feeds with unread entries in them dating back to early August.  In the UI, when I have “unread” selected they all show up, but the ones before sometime on August 24 or so are not shown bolded; they’re shown the way “read” entries would normally show up.  If I select “show all”, then only the most recent, bolded, ones are shown.

Screenshot showing the “unread” mode:

Screenshot showing the “show all” mode for the same feed:

Oh, and just toggling between the “all” and “unread” modes using Shift-L will go back and forth between those two screenshots.

Looks to me like the grayed-out entries are the ones more than 2 weeks old or so, to within a few hours at least.

Ah-ha, you have a non-premium account! I just made some changes that undoubtedly had this effect. I should prolly fix free accounts.

I should probably look into getting a premium account.  :wink: