Read story flow based on organization - not most recently published?

Is there a way to read through stories in order of how they are organized instead of most recent?  I have been unable to find it in the test version before buying.  



I believe you’re looking for Oldest First, which you can switch to in the popover at the top right of the story list. 

And probably Unread Only instead of All Stories. I’m pretty sure that’s the view you want.

Wouldn’t this just then be the opposite – the oldest posted stories among all sites?

Is there a way to scroll down the middle column through stories based on the organization of your blogs?  So in the tutorial, stories should post from “Best of MetaFilter” to “Boing Boing” to “Daring Fireball” etc., as you scroll down the middle column, instead of stories only organized by publish date whether newest or oldest.  I would like to prioritize which blogs I want to look at first and when I click on “All Site Stories,” then would like the middle column to list the most recent, say 10 stories from each site in that order.