Read stories showing up even though feed set to show unread only

For some of my feeds, even though I have them set to filter for Unread only, a bunch of old read stories always show up. Because I also sort Oldest First, I have to scroll through a couple dozen of these before getting to the new stuff.

This started happening around the time I started using NewsBlur on a tablet as well as in the browser. It happens on all 3 devices I use: Android phone, Android tablet, and Chrome, although the read stories are not the same on all devices.

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What’s your username and what feed do you see this on?

My username is doublebarrelledscissors. I see this on my Metafilter feed, and all 3 of my BBC feeds.

It also happens on:
* LOCAL - Los Angeles Times (in my NEWS folder)
* The Big Picture (FINANCE)

What happens when you read the stories on the web? Do they stay read on Android? Are all of the stories you read that later come back unread read on Android? Or all on the web? Or is that a mix? 

Let’s take the Metafilter feed as an example:

On the web, on both my work machine and my home machine, I always have the same old stories at the top of the feed. The first is from Dec 1st, titled, “Damn you, where’s the disc?”, followed by a story from Dec 7th, followed by two stories from Dec 8th, then about 15 from Dec 10th, dozens from Dec 11th, 2 from the 12th, 6 from the 13th, and about 10 from the 14th. It’s always the same stories. There are surely hundreds of stories in the MetaFilter feed since Dec 2nd which are correctly read and filtered out. In the web UI, they’re in non-bold regular text, which indicates that they’re read. Unread stories are in bold, and work just fine. I always use Chrome, but for fun, I just loaded the web app on Firefox, and got the exact same result, so I don’t think it’s a browser cache problem.

On my phone right now, I’m seeing 13 unread in the summary page. When I touch MetaFilter and see the list of stories, there are about 5 stories that I read yesterday on my tablet, showing up as unread, in addition to the 13 that are legitimately unread. Yesterday, I’d swear I had a bunch of different read stories showing up in the list, but I can’t repro that now.

I’m not near my tablet, so I don’t know what it’s doing right now. I’ll see about providing that info this evening.


At this moment, all of the aforementioned feeds are working fine on the tablet and phone. The problem persists on the web, though.

I clicked on the “Mark all as Read” checkbox in all of the affected feeds except MetaFilter on the web version, and that got rid of the stories that were still visible. I left MetaFilter alone, in case anyone is still troubleshooting it.