"read stories" section does not contain stories I've read!

I’ve not used this for a while so I cannot tell when it last worked. Indeed I’d looked for the heading on the front page in the Android app (v7. 1.0) and not seen it.
I’m sure that in the old days it only showed stories that I had actually read. 
Today I tried to find a story I’d read this morning to show to my wife. I touched the heading for read stories and the was a list of titles and extracts. BUT I HAD NOT READ ANY OF THEM. I remember seeing them as I scrolled past, but I definitely did not read them. It isn’t a full copy of ‘all stories’ , just a few. Indeed there are stories I’d read between the ones shown. 

On the Web page, I see the same supposed read stories. However, if I then read one and scroll past the other few that are in ‘all site stories’, they ALL go into read stories. 

I tried to send this feedback from the android app but the “send feedback” link did nothing. 

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Do you use the “Mark Stories Read On Scroll” feature perchance?  I’m fairly certain that marking individual stories read that way counts as having “read” them for the sake of the Read Stories view.  I believe this differs from marking whole feeds/folders as read, which doesn’t count as having read them.  (but Sam can correct me if I am wrong)

> I tried to send this feedback from the android app but the “send feedback” link did nothing.

GetSatisfaction has been failing in new and mysterious ways lately.  If it gives you any trouble, just tap the “Email a bug report” option under the feedback menu option.  It will send us even more detailed info to peruse!

I’m going to move to Discourse and import all of the GetSatisfaction posts over at some point. 

And you are correct, marking stories read on scroll will add them to the Read Stories list.

I believe this would be worth a preference. Although that feature has been live for years and this is the first I’ve heard of it. If other folks would like to see as preference to not have stories that are scrolled past show up in Read Stories, let me know.