Read items in All Site Stories keep returning as unread

Whenever I look at All Site Stories (sorted by unread/oldest first) there always appears at the bottom 2 items that I have either actually read or have marked as read by scrolling past them. Previously they have most definitely shown greyed out as having been read.

Today it is a different pair of articles than it has been for the past fortnight.


But of course having tested this and posted, I’ve checked again and they aren’t now showing in the feed. Damn computers.

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Those two stories are back again 9th February

Ahh, these are in Global Shared Stories. Yeah, I don’t know why this is happening. It stays read for a bit, but then your account is cleaned up and the read story disappears. I think it may be because you’re already subscribed to that feed, but in that case the code shows it should be working correctly and taking the mark read date for the particular feed into account.

If you go to The Atlantic and hit mark as read, then go back to Global Shared, are those stories marked as read?

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Hi Samuel
Thanks for replying.
I’ve tried that suggestion. In my Atlantic feed, I clicked the “mark all as read” button.
When I return to the Global Shared Stories (sorry, how did I get that wrong!) they are still showing as unread there.
I checked back and the Atlantic feed is not showing any unread stories.

As an experiment, I then not only read one of the articles within NEWSBLUR, but also clicked through to its Web site. Returning from THAT, Global Shared Stories currently has no unread items. Both have gone.

Ok, I looked into it and it’s an unforgiving problem on my end and will require much deeper work. It’s because of how I built the Global Shared Stories that it’s hard to get around to edge cases on read stories.

Anyway, long story short, because these read stories don’t show up as unread counts anywhere, I’m inclined to leave it. Global Shared Stories is a quick feature that had some utility, but it’s clear it needs to be re-thought. I’m planning a new Discovery feature that suggests to you feeds and stories somewhere on a match scale. That scale may have a few segments, like stories based on feeds you already follow and then stories based on what’s popular. That will replace Global Shared Stories and I’ll finally get this unread bug fixed.

Thank you Samuel

I’m happy for you to leave it, now I know that a) it wasn’t me being stupid and b) there’s an easy way to clear them.
I enjoy the more random nature of the Global Shared Stories. It leads me to articles I’d never have seen if I’d stuck with my usual sources.