Read feeds on Android app not syncing to web

I’ve noticed that on the new Newsblur android app, when I read feeds on there, it correctly shows them as read on the app, but doesn’t update on the web client. This is often hours later that I check the web client, so it doesn’t seem to be a lag issue, and I don’t think it’s a data connection issue either, since the app is still able to pull down new stories just fine.

For reference, I’m using an LG Optimus Elite, Android 2.3.7, and my Newsblur app is current. For web use, I use Chrome.


The app sends the read status in a bundle when you move back up to the story titles list. It’s possible that this call is failing. But I can imagine how annoying this is. Does it happen consistently or just every so often?

I get this on occasion. It usually manifests as reading stories on Android, backing out all the way, doing other stuff, coming back to NB, and the stories are unread again. I have seen the effect mentioned here, though, where I read/mark on Android and then jump over to web and it’s still unread. Frequency for either case: 2-3 times / day.

Thanks for the detailed description. I’ll add it to my priority list for Android.

I have the same problem, both with my Google nexus 7 (android 4) and HTC desire Z (android 2).

Quite a bit of code to fix this bug was submitted just yesterday. Look out for improvements the next release of the app!

Just submitted the latest app, so it’ll take a couple hours to get to your device. Let me know if it works.