Read articles randomly become marked unread

This is an occasional problem and I’ve been watching it for several weeks now trying to figure out if there’s a pattern but to no avail.

I look at Newsblur at least once a day and typically each time I will mark all articles read. If not then by the end of the day I will definitely mark all as read. Coming back to the site later (after few hours or the next day) there will be an article marked unread. A specific example is from e.g. Pearls Before Swine, but I’ve had it happen on several feeds, some custom to me, and some provided by the website. So pretty random.

The unread article is always the 3rd, 4th, or 5th in the list, most often 5th. It happens once or twice a week. It started happening around the beginning of the year.

I know this is going to be super hard to pin down and it is completely benign, but if there’s any advice I’d love to hear it. Thanks.

Do me a favor and switch to for a week and let me know if that helps or if it still happens there.

Thanks! Will let you know.

Hi Sam, I think I may have figured this out, and it might have nothing to do with newsblur. (I did try beta and I did see one article turn unread.)

I have gesture navigation on my phone, which means instead of having a back button, I swipe from either edge toward the center of the screen and that will go back. However I’ve just noticed that swiping on an article in NB from right to left marks the item unread. I’m suspecting I’m accidentally marking unread while going back.

I’ve turned off gesture navigation for now and will see if that does the trick.