"Read all" button keeps shifting position due to variable length of Unread/Newest button

While ripping through feeds with Newsblur, I tend to hold the mouse pointer over the “Read All” Button, click, click, clicking away…but it occasionally the Read All button jumps position, forcing me to reposition the mouse pointer. The reason it shifts is the “Unread/Newest” and All/Newest button(s) right next to it are of variable length, depending on if the site settings are just for showing Unread articles, or “All” articles.

Can you reverse the position of these two buttons? That would allow the “Read All” button to remain in a consistent spot in the browser window as it is rapidly clicked, not shifted slightly for feeds that may not have the “unread only” article option checked.

I have an example screenshot of this…but I don’t see a way to add a screenshot to this post…

I’m having the same inconvenience lately so I’d be interested in finding a way to fix this too.

Agreed! Just pushed out and deployed the new order.

I appreciate the Read All button not jumping around like before (thanks Samuel), but I a little disappointed that the button moved further to the right. The way I use Newsblur, I tend to jump from the of sites/folders on the left to the Read All button on the right. Would be a lot less mouse travel if the button was on the left in the title bar of the list of articles. It’s not a huge problem, but since the location of the button came up here, I thought I’d mention it.

Yeah, I’d agree with Keith_Woolner. The location of the button now is way more mouse travel for the way that I use NewsBlur. Can it be an option? I was fine with it the old way.

You can also double click the unread count to mark as read. This is a preference that you may have to turn on but this may solve your mouse travel issue.


Wow, never knew about the double-click on the count trick! Works perfectly. I’d tried double clicking on the site name, but not specifically the unread count. Thank you!

this is aMAZing. (is it supposed to be able to work for folder counts too?)

Same question about folder counts. Right now it just reloads the folder. Would be great if it behaved like double clicking on site unread count, marking everything in the folder read, and advancing to the next folder.

I agree with Keith_Woolner about the change in position of Read All.

I used NB website (not app) on Android where double click on counts is much harder than pressing the Read All button, which has recently moved further the the right.

It would suit my use if it were all the way to the LHS, to the left of the feed title even!

Wow, I’m so glad I came here to complain about the button moving, and discovered the double-click feature instead! Works great, thank you!

I second that request!