Can I change where "mark as read" button lives?


long time Newsblur customer and huge fan thanks

question - the “mark all read” checkbox seems to have been moved to the far right on my display (Windows machines).

I liked it to the left of the “all” button, closer to the left hand side. It was a much more efficient workflow from the left column to “mark all read”

I there a way I can adjust this view and layout where mark-all-read is located?

attaching screen shot of current look.

thx - I process a lot of feeds to making things quick to mark as read is helpful.

open to tips and tricks on this. newsblur


How’s everybody feel about this change?

moving it right did solve a valid complaint. the new position is not ideal either but, since you mentioned being able to click unread counts in the previous forum thread, where the button is matters less to me (especially if it could do folder counts!)

So I was also interested in tips and tricks, I didn’t know about double clicking on the unread count as a way to mark a folder as read, but it doesn’t work for me anyhow - despite the fact it is enabled in preferences.

I’d still prefer the mark as read button further to the left but I’d be curious to try the double click on article count function if I could figure out how to make it work.

UPDATE: After further testing I can confirm the double click option for a site does work for me. I made the mistake of testing it on a folder. Would be cool if it works on a folder too (the double click as read) as I consume some of my feeds on a per folder basis…


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Preferred the previous position, honestly. But it isn’t a huge deal for me.

Prefer the old position to the new one, but acknowledge that having the button jump back and forth wasn’t ideal (though preferable to where it is now). As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I’d prefer a button in a static location on the left side of the folder or site name.

Double-clicking on a folder count to mark all as read would also be really helpful (regardless of where the button ends up).

Seems to me like there is a good amount of support for the prior mark-as-read location. But if it’s going to remain where it has been moved to now and increase mouse movement for some of us, if I can suggest one or two changes:

  1. Add a double-click “mark all read” to folders, so that those of us who read feeds on a folder basis can benefit from the double click option.

maybe, someday, also allow the user to choose the location of the mark read button in their preferences. thx

Even after some weeks I’m still not used to the new location, I instinctively move the mouse cursor to the old location… I would like to have an option to move to the old location.


Same here - though for me it’s more that the mouse movement of the new setup will always be there and bit a bit tedious for me. Having the old location as an option would be great.

Otherwise I think I could probably train myself to double click as read on the left side pane if that double click capability was added to folders also…

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It’s useless to me where it is. What would be useful would for it to be at the bottom of the Story Feed instead of the function-less App Logo.

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