Raspberry Pi main feed subscription shows data from other feeds (from the same domain)

The Raspberry Pi feeds are being temperamental again - the main feed (http://www.raspberrypi.org/feed) is displaying stuff from the comments feed (http://www.raspberrypi.org/comments/feed) ! This was an issue a while back but then fixed itself all of a sudden. Thanks for your time!

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Hmm, I just added the feed and it worked great. May I recommend you right-click on the feed and go to Site Settings. There you can easily change the URL back. And it’ll stick now! (I changed some code a week ago to help made it sticky)

It’s okay now but the bug was more obscure than indicated here - it wasn’t changing the URL but instead had the items from the main feed AND the items from the comments feed. Nothing indicated that the comment feed was being inserted (the subscription had the right favicon, right url, right title), it’s just the items that were messed up.

Anyway, it works now. Thanks for that! :slight_smile: