Random subscriptions

I’ve been noticing a small handful of random subscriptions that I didn’t effect, recently (ie., in the last couple/few weeks).

At the moment (and I’m not removing it (like I have the others) for investigation purposes), it’s the following:

http://www.laphamsquarterly.org/feeds… (feed_id: 81)

username: jsled, user_id: 181931

I’m sure I have not added/subbed this feed based both on its content/never knowing the name, and I religiously folderize on subscription, and this feed is appearing at the top-level.

At present, I also have feed_id: 74 (http://www.newyorkfieldguide.com/rss/…) in the same state.

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same thing has been happening to me. i’m quite sure i never added the most recent one, since it was in a language i can’t read. whassup with this?

What’s the feed you tried to add? Oftentimes what’s happening here is that the publisher makes a mistake and shows the wrong feed at the old address (usually a caching issue on their end), which NewsBlur intreprets as a new URL and substitutes accordingly. Not ideal but hard to fix because the feed is effectively saying “I now live here”. 

actually wasn’t trying to add a feed. just opened newsblur and started to read, and suddenly there’s this weird foreign-language blog and i’m all, “wha?”