Random feeds show up when I go to newsblur for the first time after I start the browser

I’m having a strange problem here and I’m not sure if this is my browser’s fault or the fault of newsblur.

My browser’s homepage is newblur. When I start the browser, it automatically goes to newsblur. However, the feeds that show up are completely random and I never even heard of them. And there’s a bunch of feeds. However, it’s not like I’m not logged in. The page clearly says I’m logged in.

If I refresh the page, or open newsblur again after that, my feeds show up and the problem goes away until I close the browser. I can’t find any other way in the page to get to my feeds. This problem only seems to happen only the first time I go to newsblur after I start the browser.

Is this by design? Perhaps newsblur wants me to check out other feeds? I really doubt it though.

I use Google chrome btw.