Quick sharing of items to various sources

Hello! Am switching to NB from Google Reader and liking it so far.

Two things though that were important to me in GR and am wondering how it can be done in NB.

  1. I liked being able to mark items in GR with a star by just pressing the ‘s’ key on that item. An IFTTT recipe then pinged the item to Twitter - nice and easy :slight_smile:

  2. My WordPress powered blog used the Postalicious plugin to take the GR starred items RSS feed and parsed it into an occasional post with 10 links in it.

How could these be recreated in NB, if at all?



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IFTTT support is a long time coming, but I’m building a full scale OAuth API this summer which will allow you to do just that.

Your shared stories are automatically turned into an RSS feed. After you share your first story, you’ll be emailed instructions on how to use the RSS feed.

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Can I share items with a key press, or does it have to be an icon click?

Shift+s. See all keyboard shortcuts by hitting ‘?’

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So, let me just get this right in my head (sorry for being dim).

I hit shift-s on a story - that takes me down to the sharing dialogue, where I can type in some comments and hit share.

That posts the story to my newsblur linkblog thingy. How do I also make shift-s send the link to Twitter?

Feed the rss feed into http://twitterfeed.com/ ?