Quick search for site with unread items

It would be great if there was a version of the “g” keyboard shortcut that limited the search to feeds with unread items. Searching through all feeds often requires me to type a lot more than would be necessary if the search was limited to only feeds with unread items.

Perhaps this could be tied to “G” (with shift). Although truly I’d like to see this as the unshifted version and move the existing search to shifted. I’d use the limited version much more.

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If you’re in the Unread mode (All/unread/focus) then you’ll only see unread sites.

That isn’t my experience. I almost always have it in unread mode, but when I hit “g” it expands the list of sites to show all of my feeds, then narrows that lists based on what I type.

I typically use the dev site, but I just checked and I get the same behaviour using the normal site.

Ah-ha, yes, you’re absolutely right. Sorry, but that’s the design. But the search works all over, so if you can find a unique string of characters anywhere in the feed title, then you’ll be able to find it quicker.

Yes I realize that I could come up with some short unique string for each feed. But it seems odd to require users to do that.

What’s the expected benefit to users to have search apply over all feeds rather than only ones that have unread items? Since the first reply indicated that it should already work like I want it sounds like this isn’t the behavior that’s expected even by you.