Quick search for a folder

It’d be nice to be able to quickly go to a folder with a keyboard shortcut, like the “gt” shortcut in Google Reader does. In fact, with that I’d have exactly the same “workflow” here as I did in Reader, except that with the Text and Story views, I rarely have to leave Newsblur. Great job.


Ah-ha, this is the right place for such a request (as opposed to GitHub). I’d love to have this, but folks need to vote on it to gauge interest.

I realize this is a bit old, but I love using the ‘G’ key to quick search feeds.

I wish there were a similar feature available for folders, too, so that I could quickly jump to a folder full of feeds.

I wish it were easy to build. I tried it once and it took a few hours and I didn’t get anywhere. This is why it hasn’t happened already yet.

add me to the list that would love this !!!

Very much desired.