Questions about "Original" view


I’m currently on BazQux, but I’m really interested in the “original” view of Newsblur. I like reading websites directly, so I almost exclusively use Fiery Feeds, which provides this. However, I which I could just use a website version, which Newsblur seems to provide.

So my question is: how does the “original view” work exactly? It seems, at first glance, that it simply fetches the page’s HTML and renders that, which gives you a “close enough” version of the original website. I imagine JS is disabled too. Or is it better than this, like a Chrome headless renderer?

2nd question: how would that work for websites that require authentication? I have a few feeds for newspapers that have a paywall, but I am a subscriber. In Fiery, since it’s a real webview, I can login. If Newsblur proxies, I’m guessing I’ll just get the anonymous version?

3rd question: will that work on Twitter? Twitter is sort of a pain to load in general (as in slow) and is fully JS based. 80% of my feeds are twitter, and I prefer seeing the actual Twitter conversation as it also typically includes a preview of whatever is linked in the tweet (which you don’t get if you are in text/RSS view).

4th question: will “original” work on the iOS app? Similarly, I use Fiery Feeds there, which works ok. But I have somewhat of an older phone, and going from full load of one tweet to full load of another tweet is painfully slow. A web version might perform better.

5th question: Is there any kind of “preload”. On a fast machine, this helps significantly in Fiery. It will preload the full web view of the next 2 or 3 items, meaning you can actually switch smoothly from one item to the next, and everything is always already loaded and rendered. I haven’t seen this happen in Newsblur.

Sorry, this is a lot of questions. Guess I’m a bit … special about my news consumption ha ha.

Thanks for the insights!

The Original view only works on a handful of websites, I wouldn’t rely on it to work across many websites. And certainly not a site like Twitter.

Pre-loading is interesting and we used to do something like this, but it takes a lot of resources, both for the server and for the client, and it’s not necessary since sites load so quickly, esp. if cached in the Feed or Text view.

Yeah… I ended up taking a subscription just to try it out, but it’s not usable. I’ll keep my existing setup.