Questionable Content -webcomic's RSS feed misbehaving

Questionable Content’s RSS feed ( seems to be a little misbehaving, sometimes it skips items (that may show up later on), and some read items pop back up after some days.

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I don’t know if this is necessarily NewsBlur’s fault, as I’ve seen the QC feed not update itself correctly in the past, back when I was using Google Reader even.


@Deusinnomen I have been experiencing this problem with NB since I signed up. I agree that with GR I experienced delayed postings, I think Jeph may manually post his RSS updates. With GR I never really received duplicates (exceptions for corrections and reposts) which I do see frequently with NB beyond just on QC’s feed.

I experience this duplication of articles frequently enough in NB that it is pushing me to find updates by just going to the sites I care about, so after my year subscription is done I am either switching services or dropping RSS altogether.

I’m taking a look at it now and it looks fine. Order is continuous. I just upgraded the feed fetcher yesterday to better handle misbehaving feeds like this.

@Samuel Clay This occurred again today, I just received a comic from a couple of weeks ago. I have also not received the comics for the last few days even though the RSS feed shows comics through today.

I saw the same thing. Looks like a comic from July 8th was marked as unread – it’s in the right spot when I looked at the entire feed.

I am fairly sure that the author of QC is manually updating the feed, rather than having an automated process do it, when he posts a new comic. Sometimes he gets the comic ID wrong, and old comics gets put into the feed as new ones.

I too am noticing issues that I never experienced with Google Reader with QC. This morning, the most recent issue showed as new, but I had never seen the two days before it.

It jumped straight from the ‘Anime Hell’ comic to ‘In It For The Money’, omitting the two days in between.

And even more bizarre, now when I try to ‘show all,’ for the QC feed specifically the past three comics don’t even show up. ‘Anime Hell’ is the supposedly newest entry…