Questionable Content Feed missing items

The feed is here…

And some of the items don’t show up in Newsblur. For example the Sept 2nd one isn’t there. I checked the feed itself and it is there to be found but somehow it’s being missed.


Same issue! Didn’t even realize I’d missed it until I saw this post.

This has been mentioned before, and still has not been fixed. This feeds functionality is horribly broken.

QC generally runs M-F every single week, and is a linear, story and plot driven comic. Skipping days, or weeks even is absolutely unacceptable as it leads to a completely broken storyline that is practically unreadable.

Regardless of the reason that the maintainer provides, this feed *always* worked on Google Reader, and I have a feeling that the several direct competitors to newsblur are able to handle it…

I’ve been going through and comparing the feeds…there are bits of story dating all the way back to MAY that I completely missed out on due to spotty, incomplete display on Newsblur…

I’ve already paid my $36 this year, but QC is one of my favorite comics, and that would be a dealbreaker if it remains broken.

I just checked and the Sept 2nd story is there. Does that look correct to you now? The site url is

Nope. Going there now, my feed has the following top 6 entries:

  • Putting in Hours, 12:29am (Sept 4) (maps to comic 2527)

  • Did You Know?, 03 Sep 2013, 1:23am (2526)

  • Proportionate Response, 29 Aug 2013, 11:59pm (2524)

  • Division of Labor, 28 Aug 2013, 11:21pm (2523)

  • Highdeas, 27 Aug 2013, 10:28pm (2522)

  • The End will Camelid A thief in the Night, 19 Aug 2013, 10:36pm (2516, not marked in comic itself)

Hope this helps diagnose things…

The link you give is missing the Sept 2nd one as previously mentioned. As you can see from Steve’s lists it is missing 2525 which is the Sept 2nd comic.

I also recognized this problem now. Some of my feeds don’t update properly either (most of them are Yahoo Pipes). One example is:…

Between August 1st and today, Newsblur shows 2 items whereas The Old Reader shows 15 items for the same period.

This is not acceptable. If this is not resolved soon, I want a refund. (I’m a primary user)

The 2517 to 2521 strips were guest strips, and never appeared in the RSS feed.

The Sept 2nd isn’t showing up for me, but is in the RSS, with a unique ID

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Wow, hadn’t even realized I was missing stories until I saw this. Now I’m wondering about the rest of my feeds…

I realize this is frustrating, but the feed is at fault here. It needs to publish GUIDs that don’t change and don’t overlap. I’ll see what I can do, but know that this problem is specific to this feed. The publisher should fix this, ideally.

There has to be some solution, other RSS readers seem to handle it fine, guest strips and all.

I actually went and looked, and the story that I missed out on isn’t the one referenced by Sept 2nd on newsblur. The one showing up as Sept 2 on Newsblur is Sept 3 in the feed, and the one showing as sept 3rd is sept 4 in the file. Looks like a timezone difference. Not a problem, but that could be the communications breakdown.

Huh. I just found the strip. It’s set to the 19th of August, tagged on top of the comic for that day. Odd. And it actually missed more than just that and the guest strips. 2514 up to 2522 are missing, aside from 2516.

On the plus side, Schlock mercenary’s been updating perfectly for over a month. Yay!

I just checked the RSS feed, and they are in there.

Here’s the raw log of the feed:

[Sep 05 02:28:20] —> [QC RSS] IntegrityError on updated story: So Demure
[Sep 05 02:28:23] —> [QC RSS] IntegrityError on updated story: 2458
[Sep 05 02:28:24] —> [QC RSS] IntegrityError on updated story: Wear The Guitar Lower Next Tim
[Sep 05 02:28:25] —> [QC RSS] Parsed Feed: new=0 up=97 same=0 err=3 total=100

So that’s 97 OK stories, and 3 error stories. Those 3 errors are because the GUIDs match another story already in the system. NewsBlur is much more stringent about GUIDs, since they are effectively the publisher saying that these stories are the same. I know that they work in other readers, but that’s a bug that probably causes duplicates in many, many more feeds.

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I definitely had problems with this feed on Google Reader. It would go missing for a week, and sometimes the previous day’s post would be shown. Not too dissimilar to what’s happening now on Newsblur.

I’ll reach out to the owner and see if it’s possible to fix it. That would be really strange to generate a guid like that and somehow have 3+ conflicts. Could you share which other story 2458 conflicts with so I can pass that on.


I tried reaching out to Jeph on twitter. We need someone with verified weight. He’s producing his RSS feed by hand. There’s a much better way, I’d do it for free. I can actually do it without him but nobody would adopt it.