Question about posting links from newsfeeds

Hey Samuel, I’m new to NewsBlur and I like it, I want to know if there is any easier way to get to a link from one of my feeds so I can post it to say, Twitter. I normally have to open another tab and then link from there, then go back to my newsblur main page to continue reading, is this the only way to get to the real link instead of posting

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I use noscript and I just realized that when I unblock certain scripts, it resets newsblur back to the original page where I am asked to choose my 64 feeds. I notice that this may be causing the problems I am facing, I have figured out that if I right click on a feed it shows the link so I can copy it there, I think noscript was blocking me before.

If you right-click on a story title, you’ll see the story’s permalink. Additionally, if you want the feed’s link, right-click on the feed and go to Site Settings.

If you’re using noscript, you’ll be out of luck, since NewsBlur is heavily JavaScript dependent.

Thanks, noscript is great because you just allow scripts from each source on a page, I just allow and then each of my feeds will show all the sources of scripts and I can allow the safe ones and disallow the evil ones.