Question about item queue on iOS

Hi Samuel,

Quick question about the queue of articles on iOS. As I flip through articles I eventually hit a point where no more articles are queued up and have to go back to the feed list and select all stories again to get more articles in the queue. Is this normal behavior? Is there maybe a way to increase the item count in the queue so I hit the bottom of the queue less often?


Hi D, sorry you’re running into this. There’s a few reasons this happens. The API creates a list of stories when you request the first page of stories in a folder (All Site Stories included). This list is automatically removed after an hour. Is it possible you’re reading a single folder for over an hour? If not, then is it possible you have another computer open to NewsBlur? Lastly, does this only happen in All Site Stories or on any folder?

I notice it most when I’m going rapidly through articles. Just doing headline reading would be a good way to put it. I’ve noticed it on both all stories and on folders of feeds. I don’t normally read a single feed at a time. When I have to stop and come back to reading after some length of time i just refresh anyway. So, that said, I most certainly do have Newsblur open on other machines. Probably 3 at a time is the norm (because I like the product that much). I keep Newsblur open on a tab at home, work and also on my phone. Are those multiple instances causing a refresh that is resetting the queue?