Question about Font Size, All site items, Hide left panel

Good day,
some time ago I found a wonderful web service. I use the free version yet, I plan to make a paid subscription, but I was stopped by the following points.

  1. I put a very large font settings for the display, but the font is still not very large. How to make the font larger in Safari on iMAC 27, and application for iOS?
  2. In the section “All site stories” are displayed only 5 items. How to make the news are displayed on a continuous ribbon of time of its release?
  3. How can I completely hide the tab to the left resources tors (in MAC OS and iOS)?

Thank you for your answers. I hope that my questions have a simple solution and I’ll be your regular customer.

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You can adjust the story font size on ios, but not the story titles font size. You must have a premium account to read by folder (all site stories). Try using it on the web on you’ll see the messaging. And to hide the sidebar tab, use shift+u.

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Thank you for your answer! It works on the iMAC. It’s great! How to make bigger headlines on iOS?

As I mentioned, iOS can’t change story title font size.

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Got it, thanks for your answers!
Topic can be closed!
Thank you again!