Put the current feed's name in browser page's title (tab title)

I usually have multiple newsblur tabs open, and it’d be nice to be able to tell them apart in the tab bar.


You have multiple NewsBlur tabs open? Awesome, so do I! But they’re usually production, staging, and development. Can’t imagine many other people do.

Anyway, if anybody else wants this, chime in.

Hi Samuel.

I use rescuetime.com to track my activities during the day, and they use the browser’s title as the identifier for websites that I visited. Since I use newsblur to follow the news of several websites, and since newsblur never changes the browser’s title (just the counter), I don’t know (at rescuetime) which feed I was reading at a particular time.

I need to know the feed so I can separate productive feeds (work related) to non-productive ones (tech, blogs, etc).

Would it be possible to have an option to show the feed’s name on the title bar/tab?