Pull to refresh doesn't work in iOS app with iOS 10 beta

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I’ve been running iOS 10 betas since b1 was released. At times, pull to refresh stops working so I kill the app and relaunch. Rarely happens and I haven’t found the steps to reproduce because it is so random and infrequent.

On the first public beta I can only rarely get pull to refresh, the default seems to be it not working as opposed to your experience. Killing the app and rebooting both don’t fix the behavior. Occasionally going into landscape mode will enable pull to refresh for a single use and then it will stop working again.

same for me. installed b5 on an ipad and iphone and pull to refresh doesn’t work if the list of feed folders is short enough to not extend below the crease. if I expand a category folder to reveal the enclosed feeds and to extend the list below the crease, the refresh will work again. then will stop working if i collapse the folder again.

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Great detective work. I just checked and that is the same behavior I am seeing.

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Same for b6 that just dropped today, fwiw.

I can confirm this issue as well. Any fix or beta available?

It will be fixed for the next release. We’ll just have to move to the standard iOS-level pull to refresh.

Any ETA for the updated version? Just curious since iOS 10 drops today. :slight_smile:

Agreed on the iOS 10 issue where pull to refresh does not work.  I LOVE the app, but iOS 10 launched today and now I cannot refresh.

Thanks for the repro steps! I’ll probably be submitting the fix tomorrow, depending on if we find any more bugs.

everything else seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. this seems to be the only bug. /knockonwood

We did find another. When you change story/feed title size, bold text doesn’t resize correctly. 

ah hah…i haven’t played around with the sizes much. oh…this reminds me…it seems like the different themes engage randomly. it’s only happened for me a couple times, but it’s blatantly obvious when it happens and clear that I hadn’t been in the settings menu to accidentally click a new color theme. only a few times tho, so didn’t setup a ticket here yet.