Public shared items feed

(I thought I saw this idea being proposed, but I can’t find the thread. If it’s a duplicate, please close/delete this.)

Now that the sharing aspects are here, will we have a public feed for our shared items? Something like that would serve a user’s shared items with those not using NewsBlur.

And maybe could act as a profile page with the user’s profile icon, summary, following/follower counts and the last 10 shared items.


So, after poking around I found these two (for my own account):   

as an RSS feed, and   

as a “profile” page of sorts.

May I add a suggestion for the second one? It would be nice to also offer an RSS feed. That way it would offer in a single page both a preview of what a user shares and a way to directly subscribe to a user’s shared items.

I plan on making it far easier to subscribe to a user’s public feed from the /social/page next week. Additionally, the page url is quite ugly, so I’m going to be building a way to customize that, possibly as a root-level directory ( or as a subdomain (

I’m also planning on making those a bit more surfacable.


Any update on this effort? I thought it might be part of the “social” release. So, when I “share story” with the Social feature, it would be added to my public RSS feed.

I’d like to know if we’ll be able to just share to the user pages w/out having to share to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is actually the last big feature that Social is waiting on. But the issue is that I committed myself to a giant front-end re-write before I launch social (due to a conference presentation I gave last week). That means I can’t keep working on social until I finish this broad spanning rewrite. It’s 90% done, but then I get to unleash what will probably be a boat load of front-end bugs that will all quickly get squashed. Then I can finally add real URLs. Also, the RSS feed exists and works, but I’m holding off on giving it out because the dev site is temporary and will get folded into production very soon now.

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Just check out the implementation. It works well. I’m just waiting for it to be implemented on the full site before sharing to my friends.

Yup, everything is there. I decided on subdomains to give you some autonomy and a bigger feeling of ownership. I’m working on allowing logged in users make replies and share directly from a blurblog. Kind of incredible to see how the second big pivot is shaping up. (For those of you who may not have been around 2 years ago, the first pivot was from implicit intelligence that tried to guess the stories you wanted to read. It morphed into the news reading interface we have now.)

When are we going to be able to drop the “dev” from the url? I don’t want to give it out knowing that it will eventually drop. Thanks!

Ugggg, I’m waiting on press. The blog post is queued up, the last of the server migration happened last night, and everything is a go for launch. But I can’t launch until the story gets published, which is now looking like sometime next week. Soon.

Cool. Thanks for your always prompt replies. :wink: