Problems with free account using both IE and Chrome

On Google Chrome (28.0), I was encouraged by the message that allows me to follow up to 64 sites . When I press the ‘first, add sites’ button, I get a blank page. When I reload this page, I get the message: “The layout container…has no height…therefor the layout is invisible”.

On Internet Explorer (10), I get to the standard welcome page with ‘AZ Home Inspectors’ showing in the upper right corner. The buttons on the page including ‘find friends’ and ‘launch intel’ are not working.

I don’t understand what is going on. Your service has a great reputation. I even enabled popups, hoping that this would be the answer. It wasn’t. Please help.

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You might have some browser extensions going on. Know if you’re running ad blockers or anything that might alter NewsBlur?

Thanks for your response Samuel. I am very impressed that “the Big Cheese” from a major player in this industry answers user concerns himself. Moreover, you did this in a timely manner and on the weekend too. Amazing!

Unfortunately, your earlier response was not the solution. Since then:

In Internet Explorer:
(1) I made sure that the pop-up blocker was off
(2) I made sure that all of the “manage addons” were disabled

I got the same results as I did earlier. Here is the source code pertaining to the two buttons that I mentioned before:

Share with friends.

Find friends


Train stories.

Launch Intel


Notice that there are no links in the code that would take me to the appropriate pages.

In Google Chrome:
(1) I made sure that the pop-up blocker was off
(2) I made sure that all of the “extensions” were disabled
(3) I went to though it remembered my company name, I had to re-answer the questions about importing feeds from Google or uploading a feed file, which I don’t have, then it asked whether or not I wanted to add blogs.

When I got to the main page, I found that the Aon Magazine link DID work, however I could no longer find the button that says “first, ad sites”, so I still have the same problem.

Please help, Samuel.


Bill Nold
AZ Home Inspectors

I’m sorry, the source code got transcribed into in my last email. Here is the code:

I hope that this works since your system did not like my source code the last time

You’re running a future version of Chrome. Chrome 27 is latest, I think. Can you try with Chrome 27, or do you only have Chrome Canary? IE10 works fine, as well, but I don’t have IE handy as i’m on my laptop right now.