Problems when having two folders with same name

Can’t move feeds between folders that have the same name (one of them is a subfolder of another folder). If you delete one of the folders, the subfolder with the same name also gets deleted.

  • “Folder”
  • “Folder containing a subfolder”
    — “Folder”

Moving feeds from “Folder” to the subfolder “Folder” does not work, nothing happens. Deleting “Folder” also deletes the subfolder with the same name.

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It’s usually not a good idea (even more so with online services) to have multiple folders with the same names. Most operating systems can tolerate it (duplicate sub-folders) but it has been known to create problems for emergency file recovery in some cases.

You might want to try this:
1- move messages/content to temporary folders (each with a different name)
2- then erase all of the folders with duplicated names
3- create new folders where you need them (with slightly different names)
4- move the messages/content back where they belong

You might need to get creative with your naming but it will save you many headaches going forward.

Hope this helped a bit.

Let’s say that I subscribe to all kinds of feeds related to work and my favorite hobby. I arrange the feeds in folders so that I can easily read the work feeds while working and… you get the picture.

Top folder: WORK

  • News sites
  • Blogs
  • Other

Top folder: HOBBY

  • Community sites
  • Blogs

And now, for whatever reason, a blog that used to relate to work changes direction and starts writing about my favorite hobby and nothing else. Clearly, it has to be moved, right?

I see no reason why there should be a problem to MOVE it to HOBBY -> Blogs.

Sure, I can move the feeds one by one to a temporary folder, delete the folder I’m moving from (in this case both gets deleted) and then move all of the feeds once again. This is what I did. And it’s also why I created this bug report, because surely it should be possible to move sites between top folders into a subfolder of a different top folder.

In the live scenario that I encountered the problem, the “Blogs” folder was a top folder and I wanted to move the feeds to a subfolder, to get things organized. But it does not work and there’s no reason for it not to.

Again, it’s not a big issue, since most people probably don’t reorganize feeds that often. But when you do, it sucks that this doesn’t work (when you’re moving a lot of feeds)

I actually had the same problem - my solution was to suffix the subfolder based on their parent. So in your case, you would have:

Top folder: WORK

  • News sites W
  • Blogs W
  • Other W

etc. Based on a Twitter back and forth I had, this isn’t fixable on his end, so you can’t have duplicate subfolder names in Newsblur, period.