Problem with relative URLs in (for example) rarestBLOG.

When I look at the feed for rarestBLOG ( in NewsBlur, the ‘about me’ link points to the NewsBlur site, probably because it is a relative URL. Imagine my surprise when I learned that ‘Slava V.’ is in fact Samual Clay! :slight_smile:

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That’s very interesting. In order to make the proxied sites think they are on their own domain, I actually do a little bit of rewriting. I add a BASE tag to the HEAD section of the page. This site, however, does not have a HEAD section, which is not exactly kosher.

Instead, I’m going to force adding the BASE tag if there is no HEAD section found, which will resolve the issue on this blog.

Now fixed! Check out the blog, links should now work. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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Work now. Thanks!