Problem with feed - auto-scrolling and mis-rendering

Hi there!

For a long time now, I’d had a problem reading the feed from in newsblur.

How this problem manifests:

  • I click the ' feed"
  • The “stories” panel renders, but at the ‘top’ of the feed (The oldest stories, which I have read all of)
  • the stories panel auto-scrolls down, as it pages further and further down the rss feed to the newest items
  • the new, unread items load, but don’t get auto-selected by newsblur. I would say that it stops auto-scrolling at the start of the final page of the rss feed, not at the unread stories
  • the “content” panel loads, but not at the unread item, it’s always offset towards the bottom

There is a secondary problem where sometimes the main newsblur UI renders inside the “content” panel - but this is transitory, and less of a problem. It tends to fix itself once its finished paging through the rss feed content.

This is still happening :frowning: