Problem with deleting pages and importing OPML

Today I tried to import my feeds from feedly. It was a success, but page count went wrong. It counted much more pages than I actually had. I decided to delete all feeds and try importing again. I deleted all pages(right click on folder -> delete) and imported feeds from OPML again. Only 17 of them imported.

When refreshing on homepage I realized that page count was ~50 for a second then changed to 17 after each refresh. After clicking settings->choose your 64 pages the page count there was full, but the list had only few feeds. I clicked Turn on those X sites, and some additional sites actually appeared on my list. I deleted those as well, striving to get to 0. I couldn’t delete my gaming folder no matter what. After repeating the process few times I finally managed to delete that folder.

At this point I have completely no feeds on my list, “first things first…” bubble appeared around + icon. The page count on main page shows 30 for a second then changes to 0. When I click import or upload sites it tells me I have 30 pages subscribed. When I select “choose your 64 pages” it tells me it selected 30 pages for me, but the list is empty…

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Update: I thought it might be just lag on the site, but 24 hours passed and the site still thinks I have 30 pages subscribed, even though I can see none.

Try clearing your subscriptions under Manage > Account. I think there’s an issue with feed deletion, since it doesn’t fully delete/unsubscribe a feed if it’s in multiple folders (but somehow NB thinks it is even if it isn’t).