Problem with Craigslist and Ebay feeds

I have some Ebay searches that I track with RSS… recently, attempts to add new feeds error out with
“This address does not point to an RSS feed or a website with an RSS feed.”

Existing feed on my Newsblur works fine…

Can’t add this new one… it’s the same exact search with one character altered in my search to test…

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Update… confirmed it’s a Newsblur issue…

  • I tried adding a feed to a different RSS service and confirmed they are functioning properly.
  • I also noticed my existing Ebay feeds aren’t updating with new entries.


  • Existing feeds no longer receiving new entries.
  • Also happening with Craigslist.
  • I tried adding a feed to a different RSS service and confirmed they are functioning properly.

I’m seeing the same results. I have a folder comprised of Craigslist and eBay feeds, and couldn’t figure out why nothing there had been updating.

Also having issues with Craigslist feeds… please help!


  • Ebay feeds seem to be working again… uncertain if partially or completely.
  • Craigslist feeds still completely quiet.

It’s on Craigslist’s side. This happens every few months. It’ll take a few days but their feeds will return to normal as they always do. I personally have a few CL feeds that I watch and have seen this happen half a dozen times before. I don’t know what is going on on their end but it looks like they are rate-limiting NewsBlur. I could put in some of my own rate limits to CL feeds, but I don’t think anybody wants that.

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No, my last CL feed came through ten days ago now. I think this is something more substantial. Personally, I really have no use for a subscription if this isn’t working. Please advise.

this tweet from @newsblur is encouraging users to ask CL to whitelist newsblur.

fwiw, I’ve also noticed that a bunch of VPN servers I use are also getting blocked by CL too

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Yes, please contact Craigslist and vouch for NewsBlur. They need to whitelist NewsBlur.

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Subject: please whitelist Newsblur for RSS!
Hi - I read Craigslist daily via RSS using Newsblur's excellent service. They are currently blocked by Craigslist... can you please whitelist them. Thanks!

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  • Craigslist feeds starting rolling in yesterday.
  • Ebay feeds still working fine.

All is well.

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I worked out a kludgy workaround. I used this Yahoo pipes spiritual successor to launder the Craiglist feeds through a 3rd party. Been working fine for a few weeks. Limits the number feeds you can use on free tier though.


Looks like there might be some light at the end of this tunnel.

Seems like Ubuntu 16.04 has some issues with certificates that may have an impact on Craigslist feeds (and possibly others, such as eBay). I’m going to keep track of this github ticket and integrate the fix as soon as it’s ready.


any update on this? my pipes workaround stopped working 7 days later

@samuelclay is there any hope of getting craigslist feeds back into newsblur? Just learned inoreader is offering some kind of workaround via chrome extension

Would really like to get them back into my feeds.

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