Problem with adding sites

I am new to this site and have paid my money for a premium account but I am having difficulty adding sites like… what am I doing wrong or why cant I add this site ?

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I’m also new to Newsblur but I’ve had no problems adding feeds. The website you referenced does not appear to have RSS or Atom feeds.

I have 50 feeds, only one of which refuses to add, despite 2 url’s and no problem
with Google Reader. However, I found this snippet in FAQ from the developer: :

[i]Help! A bunch of my sites are misbehaving and they work in Google Reader.

Yeah, we know, and we’re sorry about that. About half of these misbehaving errors aren’t on us (like 404 Not Found errors), but the other half are various edge cases, parser errors, uncaught exceptions, and bad code on NewsBlur’s part. We do our best to find and root out everything we can, but there are only so many hours in a day.
On the upside, the severity of this problem means that we take measures every few weeks that fix a huge swath of misbehaving sites at once. It’s pretty great when this happens, but we know it’s not frequent enough. We’re working on it, we promise.[i/]

Well, I dunno. I looked at the lawsociety site referenced above and there’s no feed in the page source, and my browser’s “feed detector” extension does not find anything.

Unless other feed readers are able to find something at that site, I don’t think this is a problem with Newsblur.

Not doubting your advice at all, you are absolutely correct. I posted the FAQ for others who may have similar issues with adding feeds.