Problem loading feed, Newsblur gets stuck

In Firefox (99.0b6) on macOS (11.6.4) — Newsblur gets stuck loading feed. Here’s what I see (animated gif):

Screenflick Movie 9

Here’s what I see in the browser’s inspector:

Seems like the connection was interrupted, maybe it’s my internet connection to blame (IDK), however in such cases I think it should recover, as I have an Internet connection up and running while this happens. What works is for me to do a page refresh (Cmd+R).

That’s weird. You should see a normal exception. If you load NewsBlur in a web browser, turn off wifi, and then click on a feed, you should see a well handled exception. I’m not sure how this happened.

How often are you seeing this?

It keeps repeating although it’s not that easy to reproduce, saw it a couple of times.

When feed lists are loading, I’m also getting a suspicious JS error, probably not related, maybe you want to check that out:

Also, I can reproduce it pretty reliably by cutting the Wifi connection, see movie :slightly_smiling_face:

Interestingly, while testing it happened in Split-view mode, but not in List mode, but take this with a grain of salt.

If it’s any consolation, I see this problem pretty regularly. I use a 3-pane Split Left, Single Story layout. I’ll get these loading delays or hangs with the “All Site Stories” or individual feed. Sometimes, it will load enough feed items to fill the visual list, but hang trying to load more beyond the viewport.

I also see this issue pop up with browsing Newsblur with keybord shortcuts. I hit a wall where Newsblur won’t load any more feed items using j/k. Oftentimes I tend to “pre-load” items in the list by scrolling with the mouse, then moving back to the top of the list and browse with my keyboard.

I’ll try to capture a video of it happening.

My video / gif:

2022-03-31_14-14-03 (1)

Are you seeing the same error @rwatt? I have a fix for the error you’re seeing @alexelcu, but I can’t deploy it until tomorrow after I’ve tested some other monitoring work out.

I’m not sure if it’s the same, but here’s what I saw just now when it got stuck loading.