Previously Read feeds repeatedly showing up as unread

Every day, I have to re-read (or more precisely scroll past a few hundred) old feeds. It keeps pulling old feeds as if they’ve not been read, but they have.

(I’m a paid customer, if that makes a difference, using chrome and the new ipad with iOS5.)


This has been my biggest frustration so far. I’ve had specific items come up 3-4 times.

This morning it was the verge, Marco arments blog, and a Pixar rumor blog I follow

If it helps any. Upon further investigation when I view from folder level it happens but if I look at the feed it has the correct unread count. This is from the iOS app on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.2

The same is now happening on the web version. It seems it started with a couple of feeds but has been getting progressively worse over the last couple of days.

Might make it impossible to use for users with lots of subs.

Same with baka-updates rss:…

Does it solve your problem to mark an individual item as UNread and then mark it as read again?

This is the same thing I reported on yesterday.
It’s still happening.

Well in my case entries are duplicated: you can see it here: