Previously-read Blurblog stories reappear as unread zombies

For the last two-ish weeks, every time I log into NewsBlur (via Chrome, I’m not using either mobile app), I’ll have several blurblogs that say they have unread stories. But, when I go to look at those unread stories, they’re ones that I did already read, multiple days ago in many cases. The blurblog unread count updates properly if I mark the individual stories or the whole blurblog as read, but the next time I log back in, I’m back to having unread stories from previous days (and they don’t appear to have any new comments or re-shares).

This does not seem to be restricted to any individual blurblogs, nor to any particular date. Today, for example, I had zero unread blurblog stories at 10am PST and yet right now at 3:13pm the following blurblogs are currently reporting multiple unread stories from earlier in the week:

– grammargirl’s blurblog (3 unread stories from Aug 8th)
– Lillie’s Shares (2 unread stories from Aug 5th, 3rd)
– michaelglass’ blurblog (1 unread story from Aug 10th)
– Roy’s blurblog (7 unread stories from Aug 9th, 8th, 3rd)
– Samuel Clay’s Blurblog (3 unread stories from Aug 15th, 8th)
– smadin’s blurblog (1 unread story from Aug 4th)

I’ve left these stories unread in my account (ryanbrazell) in case that’s at all helpful to you in looking at them.

Let me know if you need any other information, and thanks as always for your help! I <3 Newsblur, a whole lot.


I was just about to report this problem too. One item from August 4th always shows up. It shows as read, but it still shows up even though I have it set to only show new items.

I don’t think it contributes to the unread count, so I only see it when the blurblog has new items, it’s always at the bottom of the list.

Ohhh kay, this was a particularly nasty bug that took a bit of time to track down. I made what I hope is the fix. The problem is that it doesn’t manifest until 2 weeks after you read a story. So while I have finally fixed it tonight, I can’t verify that it’s fixed for a while.

The only problem is that I was unable to magically move all of the previously read stories back into a read state. So if you have one of the few unread read stories, just read it again and it should stay read, as well as any other story you read in a blurblog.

Whew, there’s a lot going on this week in terms of launches and prep for YC, so I’m glad that this was able to be fixed, because I noticed it aplenty on the brand new soon-to-be-released NewsBlur iPad app.


Awesome! Looks good so far, but I’ll follow up in a couple of weeks to let you know if this continues to work as expected. Thanks as always.

I’m thrilled that you responded so soon, but unfortunately I’m still seeing this one item on a friend’s blurblog.

I am seeing the same thing now, everything was read but now it is showing 1 unread but there are no new items. Even refreshing the page does not seem to clear it out.

Bryn - still an issue? I believe this should be fixed for you now.

I have not seen it so I am thinking it is fixed! Thanks!

Hey Samuel, this is happening for me again as of yesterday (I think)

I have noticed it too. It seems that reloading the page will sometimes fix it but not always.

By the way, this is still happening but with different items than before!

I have noticed it occurring again over the past couple of days.

yep, me too