Premium multiple charges

Hi All -
Long time NewsBlur user here and I love what you do and how you do it.

In January I reached out to support via email with this issue and did not get a response. I am revisiting it because I notice the issue is not fixed on web and am looking to expand my NewsBlur usage.

I am having some odd issues with my premium account & I’m hoping you can help me. Since December 2023 I’ve gotten messages about my News Blur Premium being expired when this is not the case.

I restored my purchase on iOS & News Blur says it’s good until Jan 14, 2025 but Apple subscriptions shows renewal in Sept 2024. I logged into my web account and it asks me to upgrade when I clearly have a premium subscription that is active. (I don’t often log into web, but I am looking to integrate NewsBlur posts with commentary onto my website - if that is possible).

Are there two NewsBlurs In being charged for? And why am I not showing Premium on web log in? Is there a way to remedy this?

Sorry I must have sat in the email. I’ll take care of this as soon as I’m back in front of a computer.

Thanks Samuel! I appreciate you. I have no clue how you juggle all that you do!

So it looks like you have two iOS subscriptions, which is a new one for me. I’m not sure how you were able to subscribe multiple times, but you’ll need to cancel one of them. You should be able to do so by going back into that subscription screen and cancelling one of them. I can offer you a refund but your account is now premium for the correct amount of time, until 2026. Happy to refund it but I’ve never actually refunded on iOS, so I’m not even sure it’s something I can easily do.

Hi Samuel - Thanks for taking a look. I checked my subscriptions - both active and inactive - and there is only one NewsBlur through the Apple App Store. Is it possible I paid via the website directly for one of these? The one instance in the subscriptions via AppStore expires not in 2026 but later this year.

Can you tell me if the two you see are different in any way?

I may have to reach out to Apple Care directly.

It looks like it’s all coming from iOS. You should be able to review it in the subscriptions management.

I checked subscriptions and only one instance of NewsBlur is there.
I also checked every OS and iOS purchase I’ve ever made on my account and I found only one instance of NewsBlur.

Could you tell me the date in 2026 my subscription is active for? Unless we can remedy this, I will need to call Apple to sort this out. The more accurate info I can have, the better.

So strange…