Premium account worth it imho.

A couple of days ago I sprung for the premium account. It’s a lot of value for not much money; feeds seem to load and render just a little faster. Thanks Samuel.

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I agree. This is the best news reader application and it’s well worth paying for.

Agreed. Great service and worth the (small amount of) money.

I really enjoy that there is a premium option at all! Too many small developers try to go free for all and live on VC until Ad money comes in to support the product, or they are bought or they go bust. I really hope this is working out for Sam, I feel much better paying for a service instead of just using it and being sold to advertisers and data collectors.

Thanks for the praise everybody! These are my second favorite threads on the support forum (behind ‘ideas’). :slight_smile:

So you know, the speedup probably came from a database cleanup that I periodically perform. Going premium only makes your feeds update more often. And tonight I’m planning to switching to a faster database server, so it should become much faster soon. Watch that average load time graph tomorrow. I’m not happy until the average is < 100ms (< 0.10 sec).

What is great about this premium plan is the well balanced price vs features. Grantly, feature wise I have leaned towards Inoreader - but I rather support Samuel with reasonable price. River of news and text mode rule my day:-)