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I would like to know the advantages of a premium account when only reading feeds on the iPhone. I know you can have more than 64 feeds, but are there any other advantages? I have no interest in using it on my Mac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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I usually don’t care to bump a post, but I am loving the iPhone app. I’m sure you are swamped with the death of Goole feeds.

I would really like to help support the developer, but would also really like to know the advantages listed in the previous post.

Thanks in advance,

If you only read on your iPhone, the advantages are in how often your feeds are updated. I am also going to make offline a premium-only feature, and I may restrict non-premiums in iOS someday soon to 64 feeds and 10 stories in the river.

I appreciate he feedback Samuel,

I’m not sure what you mean by the “River”? I do know that I have to read by folder, instead of all. It seems to stall and not load after a couple of stories. Is that part is the “River”?

Yes “river” of info is unlimited streaming of articles read by folder. Currently this is limited to ten on free accounts, however, this limitation has not been implemented on the ios apps.

Thanks Taylor,

I appreciate the info and quick response.

I am going to subscribe to the premium service.

I’m loving the iPhone app.

Nice job,