Pouring in some love...

I just realised (after posting a question about the consistency of how shortcuts work) how immensely comfortable I feel with Newsblur after having moved in only a few days ago.

I’m a creature of habit and my laptop is the extension of my brain so I take great pain in ensuring things work exactly the way I want them. I need things to make sense and Newsblur took me exactly half a day to make sense. It feels natural and intuitive, and even the Intelligence Trainer (which at first I thought I’d just disregard) turned out to be useful, easy and practical. I think your instinct to not overcomplicate this reader, while still providing options and basic customisation is right on the mark. It’s such a great success to make a product as intuitive as this.

Also, I’m baffled at how quick your reactions to feedback and bugs are and how fast you implement changes. It is clear you both appreciate feedback and care about your customers, whether you are requested to solve a problem or have to explain why something is difficult or why you chose not to add it. Just impeccable service. I’m very pleased to be able to do the little I can to support some fantastic work.

You’re the only real choice for a non google related rss reader and despite how early it still is and despite the few bugs here and there, it’s obvious Newsblur isn’t the half way there compromise I thought it’d be. I for one intend to spread the word.

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Wow, such kind words. Thanks for this. As for those bugs, I’m neck-deep in a rather substantial rewrite of the front-end (the Backbone.js branch). It’s a week away from shipping to the social branch (dev.newsblur.com) and then a couple more weeks away from broader release. This should either fix any front-end bugs you may have been experiencing, or it will serve to make it FAR easier for me to fix other bugs.