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I follow The New Republic and new articles come in every day, but new articles don’t show up as unread. I suspect that this is because there’s an entry that’s inexplicably dated December 15, 2012. Is this a problem with Newsblur, or is the result of a typo on the TNR site that will resolve itself sometime around December 16?


Wow, that is one hard to fix bug. The issue is that they are publishing a story in the future and NewsBlur is respecting that. But the real problem begins when you mark a feed as read and NewsBlur will use the date of the latest story as the last read date. It’s to get around issues like marking a feed as read but it hasn’t been fetched in an hour and there is a newer story that is older than the mark as read date.

Anyway, I fixed the feed by hand. You should be good now.

I have the same problem with the Washington Post Local news feed . There is a feed item from Dec 22 2012, i.e. 7 months in the future.

Maybe instead of using the date of the latest story, you could use the date of the latest story that’s also earlier than the present moment?



Went ahead and deleted the offending story from the Washing Post Local feed.


ditto for CNET news feed

Hmm, there needs to be a better solution. Sometimes future dated posts are fine. Many publishers future date stories by a few hours. Maybe I should cap it at a day or so into the future.

I think that future dated posts should be ignored until the date/time of the post is less-than-or-equal-to current time.

I realize sometimes this is done purposely by a publisher, but I don’t think you are disrespecting their intentions if you do not display it.

Thanks for all your work!

another example (with 85 subscribers):


Another example with an annoying item dated next December:…

Thanks in advance


I have the exact same problem with my feed for Voltaire Network:…

The article is… (at the top, dated December 2013).

If that could be fixed, that’d be great :slight_smile: Thanks so much.

This is currently happening on a personal feed that I follow; stories are posted in the future (it’s for when a company is announcing earnings, for example). I’d like to see them, but Newsblur keeps adding on to the list of news items; currently 156 strong and that’s just since the 28th. See feed id 6396172 for more information.