Post on "people have spoken" but can't find the feed

I’ve looked at the “people have spoken” feed -
NewsBlur and see a post by Moxie Marlinspike Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> My first impressions of web3

Great! I want to subscribe to his feed. Looking for a “add this to my feeds” button … no such thing. Ok, no biggie. I’ll just search the feeds. No, it’s not there. Ok, well, I’ll go to the site and find the rss feed there. No, it doesn’t have one.

So, what’s the magic by which (a) people are sharing a post that isn’t on an RSS feed, and (b) can one subscribe to a feed-less blog?

I like where this question is going. I’m working on a feature to subscribe to websites without feeds. In the meantime, what’s happening is that somebody used the bookmarklet to share a story directly from the website. We have a ticket to make a browser extension, but for now it’s a bookmarklet.

You can find it under Manage > Goodies.

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any way to train against those? feeds i can train against. these direct shares, i can only follow the person who shared and train against them.

Hmm, not really. But you soon will be able to because these new feed-less stories will have feeds made for them, adn those you can train against. So wait for the new Premium Pro tier which has support for websites without feeds.

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I came here because of the same reason (couldn’t subscribe to Moxie’s blog). Looking forward to the future feature, @samuelclay!