Possible work around to feeds not updating

Click on Home icon at top of screen. Click on star at bottom of screen that brings up “Manage Newsblur” menu. Select “Mark Everything as Read.” Chose how many days back to mark as read, I have only testing this with marking all items more than one day old as read. Feeds *should* update, then click on All Site Stories at top of screen.

I have only tried this using the desktop version on both my laptop and my iPad. I have not tried with the mobile version.

Hope this (maybe) helps.


This solution worked for me too.


Worked for me too!


This is sort-of working. Doing this does refresh the feed and picks up the new articles but doesn’t fix the overall issue of new feed items being displayed automatically.

If you want new items to appear, follow those instructions.

Yeah, I have to do this every time, which is clunky and irritating. But until the larger problem is fixed at least I can see updates to my feeds.

This temp fix is working really well with Reeder 2 on the Mac. Reeder now appears to be functioning normally, whereas NewsBlur.com itself is still refreshing sluggishly for me.

Chrome desktop browser: If I switch to view All, and go to an individual feed, it shows any unread posts like normal. Of course, this requires going to each individual feed.

Sometimes I have to exit and return.

And I think it’s not fixing all my feeds.

After doing this, It’s working for some feeds but not for all of them. Hope this can be fixed system-wide soon. I really like NewBlur and am counting on you guys to come through!

Thanks! This appears to have fixed all of my feeds on the site and in the android app.

This looks to have solved the issue for me as well!

This is helping, but doesn’t seem to be 100% on my feeds.

Still, this needs to be bumped so people can see it.


Rey, you just have good timing. I finished the repair work an hour ago. Every feed should be fetching normally and quickly now. When I come back from Burning Man in a week, I’ll be increasing the fetch frequency, as the system can handle quite a bit more load, as I just discovered by forcing every feed to re-fetch.