Possibility to create folders on android

In the web version we can create folders and move feeds to these folders but in the android version is not possible to create folders it’s only possible to “Change Folders”
Print screen (web version)

You can add a folder only when adding a site. It’s a bit of a limitation but otherwise the UI would get pretty cluttered.

Thanks for your reply,I got it,but I do not think that adding 2/3 buttons would make the app cluttered,but it’s okay

Well it’s a question of where those buttons go. Right now the web has additional affordances in the context menu, as you show above. But on mobile the context menu is not nearly as interactive, allowing just for a single tap. So it’s a bigger tradeoff on mobile than it is on web.

By the way, your features and bug reports warm my heart. Thank you so much for submitting these, I greatly appreciate it!


You are amazing, it’s really hard to have contact with the owner of a website,so I’m glad to have this opportunity. I’m also a developer and that’s why I think that it’s easy to implement things,but I’m learning a lot with your comments in my posts