Polygon feed seems to be broken

I’m referring to this feed:


The other Polygon feeds seem to be fine.

The Problem:
In the web interface the feed is shown to have many unread stories, but when I click on the feed no stories are loaded. “No stories to read” is shown.

On the iOS app it’s a bit better. Opening the Polygon feed does show the stories, but in this case I can only get one page of stories to load at a time. A “fetching recent stories” message appears on the bottom of the list, but never goes away.

This is the only feed that I’m having trouble with.

Here’s an interesting new wrinkle. I CAN see the Polygon stories in the web interface when I view the directory that contains the Polygon feed. (Which isn’t the way I usually look at the feed, and why I didn’t notice this earlier.) The Polygon stories show up mixed with the other feeds in the directory, as they should.

So, I just moved Polygon into its own private directory. When I click on that directory I can effectively get Polygon to open as it should normally. Weird, but it works for now.

Troubleshooting is fun! At least I can see the feed this way.

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Hmm, trying again on a different computer and I can now see one unread story. It’s late, so that might be correct.

The odd thing is this time is that if I select show “all stories” in the filter options for the feed, then I don’t see any stories at all. (Oldest first is also selected.)

After more experimenting, I find it’s more complicated than that. If I change the sort order to “Newest” then I get the full feed back and everything works fine no matter the sorting. So maybe the problem is with viewing oldest first. (Which is my default)

That’s usually a result of when you marked the feed, although using Oldest first should immediately go back 4 weeks (if in All Stories mode. Unread only should only show the unread stories).

It took a few days, but now the feed seems to be back to normal.

In the above description I always had 40 or so unread stories in the feed, but they weren’t displayed in the stories-list (not sure what to call it). This odd behavior was only for that one Polygon feed. All my other feeds were just fine.

It’s working fine now, so I I’m having trouble remembering exactly when I could and couldn’t see the feed correctly.

Anyway, thanks for the help.